Airport Operations Diploma Program 2021 Refresh

The Airport Operations Diploma Program (AODP) is considered a ‘must-have’ for 21st century airport professionals. The program is based on current industry standards and best practices and has been developed by industry experts.

Our refreshed airport operations course now offers a new user interface that has been designed to create a better learning experience offering simple navigation and a fresh look and feel.

The course content has been reviewed and updated to ensure our high standards, accuracy and current industry information.

Our program has provided thousands of graduates with the knowledge needed to navigate the operational and business needs of the 21st century airport industry.

Here’s what some of our students had to say about their experience:

“Invest in your future and learn from industry leaders. The courses I have done have been informative and educational and I am sure they will help me advance my chosen career path in aviation.”

Andrea Dobson, Aerodrome Reporting & Security Officer, East Kimberley Regional Airport.

“Topics, such as business development, gave an overall airport perspective and design issues were greatly appreciated and useful eye-openers. Emergency preparation awareness gave me a greater appreciation for those of my colleagues most closely connected to the aviation industry and an inspiration to use my architectural training to become more involved in the planning/design”

Sara Saxton Chirinos, Architect, Airport Planning,
Swedavia Airports.

The AODP is made up of the following three courses:

Certificate in Airside Operations

This course provides you with a broad understanding of airside operations at an airport, including the various components of Airside Operations and how these components interact with each other to form an operational system.

Certificate in Terminal and Landside Operations

This course provides you with the knowledge to optimize airport terminal and landside operations and provide a positive passenger experience in harmony with security requirements and revenue generating activities.

Certificate in Airport Business Operations

This course provides you with an understanding of airport business operations, including economic and regulatory principles, how airports are organized and the process of strategic, master and operations planning.

Course Duration: 45 Hours

Cost: US$1,795.00

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