Case Study: 3Sixty Duty Free

Transforming Travel Retail Excellence with 3Sixty Duty Free




3Sixty Duty Free and More, a global leader in travel retail and omnichannel solutions, with partnerships that stretch across five continents – found themselves on a purposeful journey: delivering top-notch, industry-specific training for their talented team.

This initiative arose from the recognition of the importance of delivering comprehensive training and development channels. It aimed to equip team members with the knowledge and skills required for continuous performance improvement, all while nurturing the next generation of leaders and new recruits who will shape the future of the organization.



3Sixty identified several opportunities for growth and improvement. First, they saw the need to offer industry-specific training to enhance employees’ knowledge and skills within the highly specialized duty-free retail sector. With the changing post-COVID landscape, they focused on training new employees effectively to meet their operational needs, even in the absence of prior industry experience. Furthermore, they recognized the significance of employee development and worked diligently to provide career growth opportunities to further strengthen their team.



To capitalize on these opportunities, 3Sixty turned to the ACI Online Learning Centre and the Duty Free World Council Academy, enrolling employees in the Certificate in Duty Free and Travel Retail and the Responsible Retailing courses.

Certificate in Duty Free and Travel Retail – A select group of key employees, including General Managers, Assistant Managers, and Head Office staff in functions like Marketing, undertook the Certificate in Duty Free and Travel Retail. This program aimed to provide them with in-depth industry knowledge, enabling them to excel in their careers within 3Sixty.

Responsible Retailing Courses – Around three hundred field employees have been enrolled in the Responsible Retailing courses thus far, which equip them with essential customer service skills tailored to international travelers.



The adoption of the ACI Online Learning Centre’s courses has yielded several benefits for 3Sixty:

1. Reduced Turnover: The company has observed a decrease in turnover over the past few months, indicating that employees are more engaged and satisfied with their roles, potentially stemming from the training programs.

2. Enhanced Customer Service: Employees equipped with industry-specific training now provide superior customer service to international travelers. They possess the knowledge and skills to assist customers effectively, enhancing the shopping experience.

3. Improved Employee Initiative: Employees actively engage in training and take the initiative to complete the courses independently. This self-driven approach underscores the value and enthusiasm they have for the training programs.

4. Future-Ready Workforce: By providing employees with industry-specific knowledge and skills, 3Sixty ensures that its workforce is prepared to navigate the evolving landscape of duty-free retail, making the company more resilient and adaptable.


Individual Student Feedback:

“The courses better equipped me with the knowledge to increase average ticket, units per transaction and tailor my selling style to foreign customers.”
– Philip Avitable, General Manager 3Sixty, Philadelphia International Airport.

“I loved how informative and easy the training was to understand. Overall, it helps you understand how to engage your customers.”
– Tricia Eriste, Assistant Manager, 3Sixty, Orlando International Airport.

“The videos were detailed, clear and allow me to learn properly. I have learned new information about the store which allows me to have a better understating of the business and makes the selling process easier for me.”
– Maritza Dirzulaitis, Sales Associate, 3Sixty, Charlotte International Airport.



3Sixty Duty Free’s collaboration with the ACI Online Learning Centre and the Duty Free World Council Academy has proven to be a strategic investment in employee development and industry expertise.

By addressing the need for industry-specific training and fostering employee growth, the company has realized tangible benefits, including reduced turnover and improved customer service, making them a leading player in the global duty free travel retail sector.