Certificate in Airport Commercial Management


The Certificate in Airport Commercial Management provides participants with an understanding of the foundation elements of the non-aeronautical revenue business at airports.

The course addresses the fundamentals of the airport commercial world including many aspects of commercial operations that are unique to the airport industry and provides an excellent foundation to airport personnel who would like to better understand the non-aviation business of airports.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the various airport commercial operations and the important role commercial activities play in the airport business.
  • Describe the main components of a successful commercial strategy.
  • Explain the fundamental principles that impact the delivery of a good commercial scheme.
  • Explain the key building blocks of an effective, targeted airport commercial offer.
  • Put in place a framework to implement a successful, sustainable commercial program.

Who Should Enrol?

  • Graduates and job seekers wishing to start a career in airport commercial management.
  • Team members, supervisors, and managers with commercial management responsibilities.
  • Existing employees that would like to enhance their knowledge and skills in airport commercial management.
  • Employees wishing to enhance their career opportunities and advance to leadership and management positions.

Course Content

The Certificate in Airport Commercial Management consists of the following five modules:

1. Introduction to Airport Commercial Operations

  • The Role and Importance of Non-Aeronautical Activities
  • Sources of Non-Aeronautical Revenue
  • Commercial Team Structure and Responsibilities
  • The Airport’s Unique Operating Environment

2. Developing a Commercial Strategy and Masterplan

  • The Importance of a Commercial Strategy
  • Defining the Commercial Masterplan
  • The Airport Brand
  • Components of a Successful Airport Commercial Strategy
    • The Importance of Knowing Your Passengers
    • The Location of Commercial Activities
    • Other Key Considerations

3. Commercial Planning

  • Commercial Planning Overview
  • Commercial Planning and Retail Design
  • The Commercial Planning Process
    • Analyze Performance and Benchmark
    • Understanding Needs, Trends, and Constraints
    • Commercial Scheme Size and Components
    • Design, Architecture, Brands, and Concepts
    • Approval and Implementation

4. The Commercial Offer

  • Components of an Airport Commercial Offer
    • Food and Beverage
    • Duty Free
    • Retail
    • Car Parking
    • Ground Transportation and Car Rental
    • Additional Primary Components
    • Secondary Components
  • Other Factors Impacting Commercial Scheme Performance

5. Maximizing Commercial Performance

  • Selecting Commercial Partners
  • Steps in a Tender Process
  • Types of Commercial Contracts
  • Contract Terms
  • Managing Commercial Performance
    • Defining and Communicating Performance Requirements
    • Measuring Commercial Performance
    • Improving Performance and Rewarding Success
    • Addressing Underperformance and Non-Compliance


Each training module includes an integrated online assessment.  

Candidates must successfully complete all module assessments to receive the Certificate.

Course info

  • Language: English
  • Duration: 13 Hours
  • Level: Certificate
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$895.00 USD