Certificate in Airport Rescue and Firefighting Services (For Managers)


The Certificate in Airport Rescue and Firefighting Services provides recommendations that can be implemented to:

  • Ensure compliance with international and national legislation and regulations.
  • Promote more efficient management of an airport rescue and firefighting service (RFFS).
  • Improve airport RFFS performance.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to establish a RFFS at an airport.
  • Better ensure their airport RFFS complies with best practices and applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Understand key considerations for the efficient management of an airport RFFS.
  • Identify ways to improve the performance of their airport RFFS.

Who Should Enrol?

  • Airport RFFS Managers and team members.
  • Airport RFFS personnel wishing to enhance their career opportunities and advance to leadership and management positions.
  • Aerodrome Operator management and staff wishing to better understand best practices for efficient management of an airport RFFS.
  • Representatives from local emergency agencies – i.e., local Fire Department Officials.

Course Content

The ACI Certificate in Airport Rescue and Firefighting Services consists of the following six modules:

Introduction to Airport Rescue and Firefighting Services

  • Airport RFFS regulatory requirements.
  • Achieving compliance and improving airport RFFS performance.

Airport RFFS Personnel

  • The importance of personnel efficiency for airport RFFS performance.
  • Techniques for defining minimum required staffing levels and optimal organisational structures.
  • Best practices for medical and fitness assessments.

Airport RFFS Equipment

  • Identifying airport RFFS equipment requirements.
  • Ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of airport RFFS equipment, including:
    • Vehicles
    • Tools
    • Rescue equipment
    • Extinguishing agents

Airport RFFS Facilities / Communications and Alerting Systems

Guidelines and best practices for:

  • Fire station location and design.
  • Storage of airport RRFS items and equipment.
  • Airport RFFS communications and alerting systems.
  • Airport RFFS facility maintenance.

Airport RFFS Emergency Response and Training

  • Ensuring a safe and effective airport RFFS response in emergency situations.
  • Recommendations for standard operating procedures and guidelines.
  • Key considerations for airport RFFS emergency simulation exercises.
  • Best practices for airport RFFS training programs.

Airport RFFS Administration

Recommendations for effective management of an RFFS department, including:

  • Budgeting
  • Procurement
  • Quality assurance
  • Personnel management
  • Risk assessments and critical plans/programs


Each module includes an integrated online assessment.

Candidates must successfully complete all module assessments to receive the Certificate.

Course info

  • Duration: 12 Hours
  • Language: English
  • Level: Certificate
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