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Course Information Faculty Duration Course Level Language Price (USD) Quantity    
ACES: Airport Customer Experience Specialist Customer Experience 14 Hours Certificate English $945.00 Add To Cart
Certificate in Airport Accessibility Customer Experience 6.5 Hours Certificate English $495.00 Add To Cart
Airport Customer Service Essentials Customer Experience 2 Hours Short Course English $150.00 Add To Cart
Customer Service for Travellers with Disabilities Customer Experience 2 Hours Short Course English $150.00 Add To Cart
Facing Confrontation in Customer Service Customer Experience 15 mins Short Course English $50.00 Add To Cart


The best customer service training programs available for airport staff are the airport customer service course and the airline customer service course offered by OLC. These courses are designed to provide comprehensive training and equip airport staff with the necessary skills to deliver exceptional customer service.

Airport customer service training courses can greatly improve the overall passenger experience by enhancing the skills and knowledge of airport staff. These courses cover a wide range of topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution, passenger handling, and problem-solving. By equipping staff with these skills, they can better assist passengers, handle challenging situations, and ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for all.

Online airport customer service training courses cover a variety of topics and skills that are essential for airport staff. These may include customer service techniques, airport operations, baggage handling, security procedures, cultural awareness, and emergency response. By covering these areas, airport staff can be well-prepared to handle any situation and provide excellent customer service to passengers.

Commonly sought-after certifications for airport customer service roles include the airport customer experience specialist course (ACES) offered by OLC. Our courses provide a recognised certification that demonstrates a candidate’s knowledge and competency in airport customer service. Having these certifications can greatly enhance job prospects and open doors to various career opportunities in the aviation industry.

The duration of an airport customer service training course online can vary depending on the program and the individual’s pace of learning. However, typically, these courses can be completed within a few hours to days. OLC’s airport customer service courses are designed to be flexible and self-paced, allowing individuals to study at their convenience and complete the course within their desired timeframe.