COVID-19: Business Restart

New course alert:

COVID-19 Business Restart: Testing Facilities and Vaccine Distribution

The ACI Online Learning Centre (OLC) has just released our new COVID-19 Business Restart course ‘Testing Facilities and Vaccine Distribution’.

This course will provide information on the provision of COVID-19 testing facilities at airports and explores key considerations for airport operators when it comes to vaccine distribution.

Who Should Enrol?

Airport personnel responsible for planning the re-start and recovery of operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Personnel from airports seeking to implement airport-based COVID-19 testing.
Airport Managers, Supervisors or Personnel with operations responsibilities.

You’ll gain an understanding of:

How to recognize the key role that COVID-19 testing at airports can play in States’ overall COVID-19 risk management strategy.

The different types of testing technology that may be used for screening of international travellers.

How to explain the key factors impacting the effectiveness of COVID-19 testing as part of the air travel process.

The benefits and challenges associated with different testing models.

How to recognize the operational and logistical challenges associated with implementing on-airport COVID-19 testing.

The critical role played by airports in facilitating the global distribution of vaccines and related medical equipment.

The key considerations for airports in ensuring efficient, safe, and secure operations relating to vaccine distribution.

Course Duration: 60 minutes

Price: US$25.00

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