Deepen your Knowledge of Airside Operations

If you currently work in, or aspire to work in, airside operations you will need to have detailed knowledge of the following fundamental aspects of the role:
• The various components of the airside including infrastructure, facilities and people.
• Safety Management including knowing how to implement an effective safety management system.
• The various risks and hazards associated with aircraft ground operations and knowing how to manage them.
• Airport Emergency Management and how to prepare and respond to airside emergencies.
• Airport Security Management.
• The environmental impacts associated with airside operations and knowing how to manage them.

The Certificate in Airside Operations covers each of these areas and is an integral part of the knowledge required by airside operations personnel, as well as airport employees needing initial airside training.

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Progress to the Airport Operations Diploma
The Certificate in Airside Operations is a pathway course to the Airport Operations Diploma Program (AODP).  Learners may choose to enrol in each of the three certificates that make up the diploma separately and progress to the diploma over time.

1. Certificate in Airside Operations
2. Certificate in Terminal and Landside Operations
3. Certificate in Business Operations

Contact to discuss progressing from a certificate to a diploma. 

Also Available in Spanish and French
Certificado en Operaciones en el Lado Aéreo

Certificat en exploitation côté piste