Improve your knowledge of Human Factors

Research estimates that 85% of aviation accidents are associated with human factors.

Learn about the defences to reduce and mitigate human errors at airports and develop an awareness of the individual factors that can impact your performance with our Human Factors Safety Training course.

The ACI Online Learning Centre’s (OLC’s) comprehensive course has been completed by thousands of airport professionals worldwide.

“An excellent course that gives a good understanding of how humans and their interaction with their environment and machines affect organizational safety and effectiveness”, says previous student Rizwan Hassan Malik Safety Inspector Air Traffic Management at Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.

You’ll gain an understanding of:

The basic components of Human Factors and their relationship to safety.

How Human Factors are related to Airport Operations and Safety.

How to improve safety by applying basic human factors strategies.

Course Duration: 1. 5 hours.

Price: USD$50.00.

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Study path to Certificate I in Airside Safety

Our Human Factors Safety Training is one of five safety courses that make up the Certificate I in Airside Safety which provides the learner with a deep understanding of the critical elements of airside safety.

The Certificate program includes:

Airside Safety Training

Apron Safety Management

Human Factors Safety Training

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Prevention

Safety Management Systems Training

The Human Factors Safety Training course and the Certificate in Airside Safety are also available in French and Spanish.


Sensibilisation aux facteurs humains

Certificat en sécurité côté piste


Seguridad Operacional y Factores Humanos

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