Our Latest Airside Safety Graduates!

Have you considered completing one of our Certificates in Airside Safety? The learners listed below, from airports around the world, invested in their personal growth and recently completed either the Certificate I in Airside Safety or the Certificate II in Airside Safety

Maintaining Airside Safety is an absolute priority for any airport. Effective airside safety can prevent accidents which, in turn, can save an airport both time and money. The Certificates in Airside Safety detail current best practices that, when executed, will significantly enhance airside safety.

We commend the learners below for making safety a priority!

Paula Alexandre – Aeroportos de Portugal
Pedro Almeida – Aeroportos de Portugal
Pedro Miguel Carreira – Aeroportos de Portugal
Joao Goncalves – Aeroportos de Portugal
Kapil Sobhee – Airports of Mauritius
Janine Harry – Argyle International Airport
Marylou Van der Linden – Aruba Airport Authority
Shehera Lo-A-Njoe – Bonaire International Airport
Savy Veng – Cambodia Airports
Abdul Hakim Bin Mohamed – Changi Airport Group
Ardi Ismaon – Changi Airport Group
Leo Qiongye Li – Changi Airport Group
Timothy Lim – Changi Airport Group
Roger Lim Kiang Hock – Changi Airport Group
Ming Koon Ling – Changi Airport Group
Yan Ling Liu – Changi Airport Group
Muhamad Ryan Mohamed Zah – Changi Airport Group
Abdul Karim Osman – Changi Airport Group
Kelvin Pinto Nicholas – Changi Airport Group
Jun Wei Seah – Changi Airport Group
Shermaine Soh – Changi Airport Group
Alvin Tan – Changi Airport Group
Junjie Zhang – Changi Airport Group
Loh Zhenhao – Changi Airport Group
Papa Mody Sima – Dakar International Airport
Michal Junik – Dane County Regional Airport
Ciaran Kelly – Dublin International Airport
Jordan Law – Edmonton International Airport
Andres Ochoa – El Dorado International Airport
Tracey Hutton – Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport
Zakari Abubakar – Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
Rukayyah Bashari – Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
Timothy Olawale Idowu – Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
Daniel Nnanna Onwukaeme – Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
Abdullahi Omuya Umar – Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
Dipak Singh – GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited
Asghar Khan – Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies
Stacey Louise Handley – Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul
Shaun Austin – Harold Charles International Airport
Lewis Francis – Harold Charles International Airport
Louise Whitelegg – Isle of Man Airport
Lucy Wangechi Maina – Kenya Airports Authority
Faisal Khalid Alshinaify – King Khalid International Airport
Mohammad Osama Saeed – King Khalid International Airport
Adrian Attard – Malta International Airport
Marie-France Bernier – Ministere des Transports du Quebec
Steve Boulanger – Ministere des Transports du Quebec
Karim Doumali – Ministere des Transports du Quebec
Chantale Duval – Ministere des Transports du Quebec
Pierre Larouche – Ministere des Transports du Quebec
Yan Malleck – Ministere des Transports du Quebec
Jos-David Mark – Ministere des Transports du Quebec
Eric McKinnon – Ministere des Transports du Quebec
Frederic Michaud – Ministere des Transports du Quebec
Levis Nadeau – Ministere des Transports du Quebec
Roger Pinet – Ministere des Transports du Quebec
Michele Pouliot – Ministere des Transports du Quebec
Brigitte Ricard – Ministere des Transports du Quebec
Peace Okogbo – Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport
Michael Chappell – Nunavut Airport Services
Delfin Lopez – Nunavut Airport Services
Shawn West – Nunavut Airport Services
Oliver M. Arzt – OMAC GmbH Aviation Consulting
Khalid Al-mutawah – Qatar Civil Aviation Authority
Khalid M Alqahtani – Riyadh Airports Company
Dhiyaa Katib – Riyadh Airports Company
James Kellett – Saint Helena Airport
Natalie Warner – Salt Lake City International Airport
Rohit Agarwal – San Francisco International Airport
John Batkowski – San Francisco International Airport
Michael Chew – San Francisco International Airport
Daniel Cohen – San Francisco International Airport
Rugene Galicia – San Francisco International Airport
Al Harman – San Francisco International Airport
Scott Henry – San Francisco International Airport
Oscar Hernandez – San Francisco International Airport
Kathryn Knoblauch – San Francisco International Airport
James Maher – San Francisco International Airport
Douglas Mairena – San Francisco International Airport
Stephen Meder – San Francisco International Airport
Wilson Nguyen – San Francisco International Airport
Ian Reyes – San Francisco International Airport
Brandon Stone – San Francisco International Airport
Nicole Tate – San Francisco International Airport
Michelle Tripp – San Francisco International Airport
Shannon Wilson – San Francisco International Airport
Lindsay Wright – Saskatoon Airport Authority
Mohammed Ali Alshehri – Saudi Arabia General Authority of Civil Aviation
Anel Fonseca – Tocumen International Airport
Sutunnop Udomsub – U-Tapao Rayong Pattaya International Airport