Mastering Business Operations in your Airport

Training to become adept in Airport Business Operations

The Certificate in Airport Business Operations has received over 8 Hundred 5-star reviews from airport professionals around the world. Many of these professionals completed this course as part of their airport’s internal training programs.

The certificate gives graduates an understanding of airport economic and regulatory principles, airport organisation and the process of strategic, master and operations planning. It also addresses contemporary challenges faced by airport managers in the 21st century.

The certificate covers the following areas:

  1. A Complex and Dynamic Business
  2. Airport Economics
  3. Regulatory Framework
  4. Airport Organisation
  5. Airport Strategic Planning
  6. Airport Master Planning
  7. Airport Operations Planning

The ACI Online Learning Centre (OLC) provides group training to airports around the world, contact for more information.

En Route to the Airport Operations Diploma Program

The Certificate in Airport Business Operations is a pathway course to the Airport Operations Diploma Program (AODP).

The Airport Operations Diploma Program has been adopted by airport operators and service providers around the world to ensure that personnel have a comprehensive understanding of the key elements of airport operations.