COVID-19 Business Restart for Security

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the reduction of operations such as security at airports, a reduction in staff, and disruption to ongoing training of personnel and certification of equipment due to the drop in passenger numbers.

It is expected that once the pandemic phase of COVID-19 begins to subside, governments will begin relaxing restrictions on civil aviation, and airports will be open to traffic again.

The new COVID-19 Business Restart: Security course examines the measures airports can put in place to successfully resume security operations during the recovery phase. Learners who successfully complete the assessment will receive an ACI Certificate of Completion.

Security Certificate Courses Available

The ACI Online Learning Centre (OLC) offers two Certificate level courses in Security:

Certificate in Airport Security

The Certificate in Airport Security has been heralded as a must-have by airport security professionals around the world. On completion of this certificate graduates will be able to:

  • Understand of the global security measures and technologies
  • Understand legislation and recommended practices
  • Recognise best practice for airport and airline security programmes and committees
  • Select methods of risk assessment and mitigation
  • Recognise the advantages and limitations of security measures and technologies

Certificate in Smart Security

The Certificate in Smart Security will give learners the skills to:

  • Better understand the benefits and challenges of introducing Smart Security concepts
  • Recognise the key issues to be considered when deploying Smart Security solutions in their airport
  • Know how to develop a business case justifying security checkpoint projects or investments