Human Factors Safety Training


The Human Factors Safety Training course provides participants with an introduction to the fundamental concepts of human factors and assists them to recognise, understand and mitigate human factors and errors on the airside.

Please note – this course is also available in French and Spanish

Historically, research estimates that 85% of aviation accidents are attributed to human factors.

Human Factors Safety Training helps build the defences that reduce and mitigate human errors at airports by developing an awareness of the individual factors that can impact human performance that lead to errors in the first place.

This online course will provide participants with an introduction to the fundamental concepts of human factors and assist them to recognise, understand and mitigate human factors and errors on the airside.

It is highly recommended that all airside workers, service providers and contractors undertake Human Factors Awareness Training to increase their awareness of the influence of human performance on safety.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this module participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic components of human factors and their relationship to safety.
  • Describe how human factors are related to airport operations and safety.
  • Improve safety through the application of basic human factors strategies.

Who Should Enrol?

  • All new employees that require initial safety training as part of their induction process.
  • Existing employees that require initial or recurrent safety training.
  • Personnel from airport stakeholders and service providers that operate at the airport.
  • Airport managers, supervisors or personnel with operations, safety or compliance responsibilities.
  • Personnel responsible for training and facilitating airside operational staff.
  • Anyone interested in a career in airport operations and/or safety.

Course Content

The Human Factors Safety Training course covers the following topics:

Understanding Human Factors

  • Human Factors defined.
  • The importance of Human Factors in relation to safety.
  • The components of the Human Factors SHELL model.

Human Factors and Airport Safety

  • The relationship between Human Factors and Safety Management Systems (SMS).
  • The key Human Factors that influence the effectiveness of a SMS.
  • The key Human Factors that influence human performance.

Dealing with Human Factor Errors

  • How errors occur due to latent conditions and active failures.
  • Main sources of human factor errors.
  • Strategies for dealing with human factor errors.


This course includes an integrated online assessment.  

Candidates must successfully complete the assessment to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Course info

  • Language: English
  • Duration: 1.5 Hours
  • Level: Short Course
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$50.00 USD

Course Reviews

What people are saying about this course

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, Pakistan

An excellent course that gives a good understanding of how humans and their interaction with their environment and machines affect organizational safety and effectiveness.

Rizwan Hassan Malik

Safety Inspector Air Traffic Management

Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport Kano, Nigeria

A very interesting course. It will go a long way in changing my perception of the behavior of people at work and how to effectively manage and deal with the actions and inactions of people. I will use the knowledge acquired in this course to improve the safety in my Airport through the application of human factor management.

Suleiman Abdulazeez

Assistant Chief Safety Officer Head of Department Safety Management Services

Very interesting Course. It will help me to improve our teamwork and safety approach of all staff organization in relation of the Human factors.


Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad & Group, Malaysia

This course is straight forward and easy to understand. It is recommended for all airport staff to undergo this online training in order to have basic understanding of how human factors affect their daily task at work.

Badriyah Binti Noordin

Manager, Aerodrome Safety Management System Planning, Development & Compliance

Great practical info…high level but detailed enough to take back to the workplace and apply.