Top 6 Tips on Studying from Home

Learning from home may be new to you – to help you navigate the potentially unfamiliar territory we have put together our top 6 tips on making the most of studying from home:

1) Create a designated study area

Have a set area where you study each day. If possible, this area should be separate from where you sleep or relax. Make this space conducive to learning by keeping it tidy and clutter-free.

2) Plan your day

A clearly organised and defined schedule with outlined study times and learning outcomes will help keep you focused and disciplined. Some learners use timers to help them commit to their designated study blocks.

3) Get the chores and daily admin out the way

Unfinished chores or daily life admin could distract you from the task at hand – get those out the way before you start learning. This will help prioritise learning and keep your ‘headspace’ clear.

4) Take frequent breaks at clearly defined times

Time and time again research has proven that breaks increase productivity and improve learners’ attention spans. Make sure that these breaks are scheduled to keep you focused during dedicated learning blocks.

5) Reach out for help

We, like most online learning providers, are here for you. If you need help with your online studies, please reach out.

6) Keep interacting with colleagues and friends

Whether it’s through Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp, make sure you’re in touch with your friends, colleagues and family, sharing what you’re working on or even asking for help. Your colleagues may have experience with and insight into the areas you are studying.

Learners who study from home find that a low-pressure and comfortable environment is often conducive to focused study. We wish our learners all the best with their studying endeavours.