ACI Online Learning Centre Launches the Pioneering ARFF Academy for Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Professionals


Date: 25.09.2023
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


In a significant move to bolster global Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) standards and enhance the professional development of firefighters, the ACI Online Learning Centre at proudly announces the launch of the ARFF Academy.

Dedicated to delivering world-class technical training, the ARFF Academy aims to equip firefighters seeking international accreditation with unparalleled resources. This initiative reaffirms ACI’s commitment to fostering excellence within the ARFF community and providing avenues for career advancement in this critical aviation sector.

Key Offerings of the ARFF Academy Subscription:

    • Comprehensive Online Training Courses: Subscribers gain unrestricted access to the world’s most expansive library of online training resources, developed in collaboration with preeminent global experts in ARFF services.
    • Over 1,900 Technical Competencies: The Academy offers a broad spectrum of competencies, skills, and performance criteria. These are meticulously aligned with leading local and international standards and regulations, including but not limited to ICAO, NFPA, FAA, and EASA.
    • International Recognition and Accreditation: Every firefighter who completes courses at the ARFF Academy is not only advancing their expertise but also positioning themselves for global recognition. This is backed by the esteemed accreditation from the Airports Council International Online Learning Centre.

“The ARFF Academy is a huge stride forward in our quest to develop technical skills and promote safety standards in the ARFF domain,” said Eddie Ragauskas, Director at ACI Online Learning Centre. “We are proud to create a platform where firefighters from around the world can converge, learn, and thrive.”

Firefighting professionals and interested institutions are encouraged to explore the myriad opportunities the ARFF Academy presents. To subscribe or learn more about the offerings, please visit