Airport Environment Courses

Reducing and managing your airport’s environmental impacts

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Airport Sustainability and Environment Management Environment 19 Hours Certificate English $895.00 Add To Cart
Combatting Wildlife Trafficking Environment 1 Hour Short Course English $25.00 Add To Cart

Combatting Wildlife Trafficking covers key challenges airports face with wildlife trafficking and offers tools to combat it. Ideal for all airport personnel, stakeholders, and service providers at any level.

打击野生动植物贩运课程 Environment 1 Hour Short Course Simplified Chinese $25.00 Add To Cart
Lutte contre le trafic d'espèces sauvages Environment 1 heure Short Course French $25.00 Add To Cart
Lucha Contra el Tráfico de Vida Silvestre Environment 1 hora Short Course Spanish $25.00 Add To Cart
Combatendo o tráfico de vida selvagem Environment 1 hora Short Course Portuguese $25.00 Add To Cart


Airport environmental management involves addressing several key environmental impacts. These include noise management, air quality, water management, waste management, and wildlife management. Noise can have negative effects on nearby communities, and airports must implement strategies to minimise noise impacts through measures such as soundproofing and flight path adjustments. Air quality is another important consideration, as airports can contribute to emissions of pollutants. Effective air quality management involves implementing measures to reduce emissions from aircraft and ground vehicles. Water management is crucial to prevent pollution of nearby water bodies, and airports must implement proper stormwater management systems. Waste management involves the proper handling and disposal of various types of waste generated at airports, including solid waste, hazardous materials, and wastewater. Lastly, wildlife management is essential to ensure the safety of aircraft operations and protect wildlife species from harm.

To qualify for a career in airport environmental management, there are several paths you can take. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in environmental science, environmental management, or a related field is often preferred by employers. However, practical experience and specialised certifications can also be valuable. OLC’s airport environmental management course is an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment and expertise in this field. By completing our course, you will gain a solid foundation in airport sustainability and environmental management practices, making you a highly desirable candidate for career opportunities in this industry.

At OLC, we offer a comprehensive airport environmental management course that provides the necessary training for individuals interested in this field. Our course covers a wide range of topics, including environmental regulations, sustainability practices, noise and air quality management, wildlife hazard management, and more. Through a combination of online modules, interactive exercises, and real-life case studies, we ensure that our students gain a thorough understanding of airport environmental management principles and best practices. Our expert instructors are industry professionals with extensive experience, ensuring that you receive the highest quality training. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skills or a newcomer to the field, our course is designed to meet your needs and help you succeed in airport environmental management.