Essential Skills for Communication Success


Effective communication is essential for developing and maintaining strong working relationships both inside and outside the organization. Indeed, employers today are increasingly focusing on more than just technical skills – they are seeking excellent communicators who can interact effectively with a range of stakeholders.

However, interpersonal communication is complicated and communicating effectively can be challenging.

In this course, you’ll learn how to be an effective communicator at all levels. You’ll also learn how to get communication back on track and reach mutual understanding and agreement.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Implement strategies to communicate more confidently and effectively.
  • Use active listening and effective questioning techniques.
  • Recognize the signs of miscommunication and know how to resolve the situation.
  • Better prepare for and manage difficult communication situations.

Who Should Enrol?

  • All levels of employees, and any individual who wants to improve their interpersonal communication skills.
  • Anyone who wants to grow their professional skillset and boost their career prospects.

Course Content

The Essential Skills for Communication Success course covers the following topics:

Communicating with Confidence

  • Overcoming nervousness and preparing effectively.
  • Using your voice and body language to communication with confidence.

Become a Great Listener

  • Getting yourself in the right receptive mind-set for communicating.
  • Sharpening your listening and questioning skills.

Do We Have a Failure to Communicate?

  • Common communication challenges and how to successfully navigate them.
  • Delivering bad news and difficult messages.

Course info

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Language: English
  • Level: Short Course
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$150.00 USD