Case Study: Harding+

Harding+ enrols all shipboard retail staff in DFWC Responsible Retailing courses to ensure best practices.



Harding+ is the world’s number-one cruise retailer and is a prominent organisation in the duty free travel retail industry.

Since 2022, the company has taken a significant step towards enhancing its employees’ knowledge by enrolling over 2,800 shipboard users into our two Responsible Retailing courses.

These courses, accredited by the Duty Free World Council (DFWC), focus on the Responsible Retailing of Alcohol and Responsible Retailing of Confectionery, Chocolate, and Biscuits.



Harding+ utilised their dedicated Learning Management System (LMS), enabling employees to access the courses conveniently, encouraging continuous learning and knowledge retention.



The courses outline the global Codes Of Conduct, developed by the Duty Free World Council, with an aim to guide sales associates, category vendors, and marketing partners on how to best promote and sell alcohol and confectionery products responsibly in the highly regulated duty free travel retail industry.

Through interactive content and assessments, students gain the knowledge and skills needed to ensure a positive shopping experience for customers.

“We use the courses to improve general knowledge of best practice, with regards to responsible retailing in the given areas.” – Faith Winton. Learning & Development Manager at Harding+.



Through their proactive approach, Harding+ has set a positive example for other organisations in the duty-free industry – ensuring that every employee is equipped with the necessary skills to adhere to ethical and legal guidelines when selling alcohol and confectionery products.


Individual Student Feedback:

Responsible Retailing of Alcohol

“The course is both interesting and considered. Knowledge is never too much” – Sky Princess Sales Associate

“Beneficial training, and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from completing it”
– Balmoral Sales Associate

“The topic addressed is extremely important and I really enjoyed learning about responsibilities working selling alcohol”
– Marella Voyager Sales Associate

Responsible Retailing of Confectionery, Chocolate, and Biscuits

“The course helps, and it provides some very useful information regarding the sale of chocolates in duty free; For example, make clear to the customer the reason for the promotion or discount when the reason is the expiry date of the product; And also, how to proceed with children in free sample events. Among other information, such as the correct storage of products, etc”
– Majestic Princess Sales Associate

“Responsible Retailing of Confectionery and Biscuits is helpful, good, very effective, informative and clear! Great Training”
– Marella Voyager Sales Associate

“I found this course very interesting and knowledgeable especially the audio parts which helped me to better understand”
– Carnival Liberty Sales Associate