Learner Profile: Housseny Kouyaté

Broadened contributions through professional development.

Housseny Kouyaté is the Revenues Aeronautical Manager at the Blaise Diagne International Airport.

Housseny undertook the Diploma in Airport Operations to help him gain a better understanding of the operational activities of airports. With this knowledge, he hoped to uncover opportunities to improve the operations and revenues of his airport.

Exceeding his expectations, and improving on his general understanding of airport operations, Housseny found the Diploma course extremely valuable.

“I will recommend this course to my colleagues because it allows them to better understand the operation of the airport and meet the expectations of the various third parties (airlines, passengers, handling companies, etc.)”

Through completing the Diploma and gaining insights into airport operations, Housseny found he could more effectively collaborate with different departments and contribute holistically to the airport.

“In addition to contributing to the optimization of revenues, risk analyzes and the design of commercial projects, the knowledge acquired allows me to participate brilliantly in the various evaluations of our SMS/SMQ.”

“Thanks to this AODP training, my versatility has greatly improved.”

Completing the Diploma in Airport Operations has helped Housseny significantly enhance his contributions to the airport within his role and for other airport functions.