Is your Airport Ready for ICAO’s New Runway Reporting Requirements?

ICAO’s new requirements for runway surface condition assessment and reporting come into effect in November 2020 as outlined in ICAO Circular 329, Assessment, Measurement and Reporting of Runway Surface Conditions, and ICAO Doc 10064, Aeroplane Performance Manual (APM). From 2020, one single method, for assessing and reporting on runway surface conditions, will be used across the world. This is a breakthrough within the safety aviation community. ​

Are your airport personnel ready to meet these new reporting requirements?

The ACI/ICAO Global Reporting Format (GRF) course, has been specially developed to help airport and airline personnel understand the new format of runway surface condition assessment and reporting.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Background to the ICAO Global Reporting Format
  • Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM)
  • Adjusted Runway Condition Codes
  • When to Conduct a Runway Condition Assessment
  • Conducting a Runway Condition Assessment
  • Runway Condition Worksheet
  • Example Scenarios
Make sure that your airport is ready by rolling this training out in your airport. The Online Learning Centre provides group training to airports around the world, contact for more information.