Security Awareness Training

Automate Security Awareness Training at your airport by going online today.

The ACI Online Learning Centre (OLC) provides a simple and cost-effective solution with various course and delivery options including:


Industry Standard Off the Shelf:

  • Take the course as it is.


  • The OLC can insert additional content to meet your local requirements.


The course can be delivered through:

  • The Online Learning Centre
  • A dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) for your airport provided by the OLC
  • Your airport’s existing LMSBenefits

Research shows that eLearning can reduce the cost of training by up to 75% compared to traditional face-to-face training approaches.

Other benefits of eLearning include:

  • Automated delivery of staff training, testing and certification
  • On demand availability from any internet connected computer – 24x7x365
  • No instructors required
  • Reduced time spent on the identification and supply of relevant content
  • Reduced time spent on administration, reporting and facilitation
  • Highly scalable to hundreds and thousands of employees

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